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Native Americans: Indian Tribes of North America

In 1492 the native peoples of North America had many languages and cultures. These varied peoples are often referred to as "tribes", but you may also see the words, "band" or "nation". In more than 500 years there have been many changes in the cultures, locations, etc. of the Native Americans, but they remain a diversifed people. There is no one "Indian" language, music, religion, national costume, etc. This guide will help you to find information on these groups, usually referred to here as "tribes" for convenience.

Many Peoples

In North Carolina

  • Information on North Carolina Indians.
  • In the Heart of Tradition: The Eight State-Recognized Tribes of North Carolina,, a DVD. [Call no. 970.3 IN DVD].
  • Indians in North Carolina, by Stanley South. We have multiple copies and editions; see our Catalog.
  • Native Carolinians, by Theda Perdue. We have multiple copies and editions; see our Catalog.
  • The World of the Southern Indians. Multiple copies; see our Catalog.

Books & More Books

  • Do All Indians Live in Tipis? [Call no. 970.004 DO].
  • Atlas of the North American Indian, rev. ed. [Call no. R970.004 WAL at Gastonia Main]. An older editon can be checked out.
  • Encyclopedia of North American Indians. We have multiple copies and editions; see our Catalog.
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume [Call no. R970.3 PAT].
  • American Indian Places: A Historical Guidebook [Call no. 973.04 AME].
  • Biographical Dictionary of American Indian History to 1900 [Call no. R970.004 WAL at Gastonia Main].
    To find more books, search our catalog by Subject for:
  • Indians of North America,
  • or, by the name of a tribe, for example, Navajo. Use the singular word.

Note: If you are interested in searching for Native American ancestry, you can start with this page, "How Do I Trace Indian Ancestry?, or, with our Research Guide, Finding Cherokee & Catawba Indian Ancestors.

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