Gaston County Public Library



Have you read or heard about a book or audio-visual that you would like to borrow that is not available from the library? Perhaps it was not a choice for the library's collection due to cost and/or limited demand. Or, the item may be a high demand selection owned by the library for which there is a long waiting list. Consider a donation to the Gaston County Library's GIVE A BOOK! program.

GIVE A BOOK! Provides a way for you to enjoy your selection, support the library, and benefit your community as well. It's also an ideal way to honor awards, achievements, birthdays, etc. Likewise, it is a thoughtful memorial to friends and loved ones. Remember, GIVE A BOOK! gifts are tax deductible.

How GIVE A BOOK! works:

  • Complete and return the form below.  You can mail the completed form to GIVE A BOOK, 1555 E. Garrison Blvd. Gastonia, NC 28054.
  • The library will order the selected gift. NOTE: Gift selections must be consistent with the Gaston County Library's Materials Selection Policy.
  • GIVE A BOOK! selections are processed with a gift plate bearing the donor's name. Honor and memorial gifts have gift plates bearing the names of both honoree and donor.
  • Donors, honorees, and/or family members may request to be first borrowers.
  • Donors may request tax receipts for GIVE A BOOK! donations.

GIVE A BOOK! to your local library and you will be contributing to the entire community.

Download GIVE A BOOK Request Form.