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Finding Tryon County Ancestors

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Tryon County History

Tryon County existed from 1768 to 1779. It was named after William Tryon, governor of North Carolina from 1765 to 1771, and was formed from the western portion of Mecklenburg. Many present day counties in both North and South Carolina were completely or partially included within the borders of Tryon County.

Approximate Boundaries of Tryon County, NC 1768
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Tryon County was abolished in 1779 and Lincoln County and Rutherford County were created from it. Gaston County was formed from the southern portion of Lincoln County in 1846.

Print Titles

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  • 929.1 BUL NCC. Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, v.1 (1974) to date.
  • 929.1 NOR NCC. “Tryon (Rutherford) Co. - An Early Tax List.” North Carolina Genealogy. Summer 1968, Vol. XIV.
    • This undated tax list (probably between 1776 and 1780) includes sixty names.
  • 929.3 BYN NCC. Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina by Curtis Bynum.
  • Cross-Index of Bondspersons to Grooms for “Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina” by Ray Yount
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  • 929.3 D NCC. Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln, and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1769 - 1786: Tryon County Wills and Estates, abstracted by Brent Holcomb.
  • 929.3 HOL NCC. Tryon County, North Carolina: Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1769-1779 by Brent H. Holcomb.
  • 929.3 SUL NCC. Tryon County Documents, 1769 - 1779: a North Carolina County by Kathy Gunter Sullivan.
  • 929.3 NOR NCC. North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina, compiled by Brent Holcomb.
  • 929.3 W NCC. Wills of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, 1769 - 1824 by William Perry Johnson.
  • 929.3 PHI NCC. Tryon County, North Carolina Land Warrants, 1768 - 1774 and Tryon County, North Carolina Index to Land Surveys (rev. ed.) by Miles S. Philbeck.
  • 929.3756 TRY NCC. Tryon County, North Carolina Crown Docket July 1769 - April 1776; Tryon County, North Carolina State Docket October 1777 - January 1779; Lincoln County, North Carolina State Docket April 1779 - April 1780.
    • Reprinted from Bulletin of The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County.
  • 929.375671 PRU NCC. Abstracts of Land Entries, Tryon and Lincoln Counties, NC: 1778 - 1780 by Albert Bruce Pruitt.
    • Contains 666 land entries for Tryon County and 96 for Lincoln County. Includes indexes.
  • 975.6 G NCC. History of Old Tryon and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1730 - 1936 by Clarence W. Griffin.

County Records on Microfilm

Many of these records have been transcribed or abstracted in the print publications listed above.

  • Tryon County Court Minutes, 1769 - 1782 (2 vols.; second vol. contains Lincoln County). 1 reel microfilm.
  • Tryon County Record of Deeds, 1769 - 1778, 1770, 1771. 1 reel microfilm.
  • Tryon County Record of Deeds, 1771 - 1772, 1774, 1778 - 1779. 1 reel microfilm.

The North Carolina Archives filed and filmed surviving Tryon County records with those of Lincoln County. See Lincoln County records marked with dates from 1768 to 1779 for Tryon material.

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